Friends and family know me as Kristen.

I’m a graphic designer that specializes in vector art, illustration, print design, and typography. Graphic design, vector art, and motion graphics are my passions. After working in both the VFX as well as the printing industry, I merge the two skillsets together through livestreaming.

Livestreams for art can be found at


"Kristen's artistic talents and abilities really shine when you see any artwork she does."



When I needed to get some custom emoticons made for  Twitch, Kristen was the first person I went to, and I am beyond thrilled with the results. From the start she handled the request in professional manner with paperwork that was easy to follow and a personality that made the entire process a joy. I knew how the workflow was going to go from initial design to the completion date, while she was also helping quite few other people and making sure everyone had a solid completion target date. Kristen helped me out with the initial design phases, and kept me updated with how the emotes were coming along so I never felt like I was in the dark with how things were going.