About Me

I’m the type of person who will sit back in a conversation and just listen. I am always a listener of your stories, your experiences, and your journey.  If you ask me “Should I start or do you want to star first?” I will always say for you to go.  I find so much value in experiences of others and it helps guide me to know what is right for you and your brand. 

Unsure of how to start your branding? That’s where I come in. Of all those experiences, inside jokes, history, and values that you share. I imagine, I piece together, and I create. Every logo, website, avatar, and emoji has a purpose.  

My Mission:

To help create visuals that tell your story.

It is hard to create content and branding that fits you just right. You may have tried your own hand at opening up Photoshop to create something great and have it not quite what you imagined. Sometimes it takes a little guidance from an expert in the craft to help set you on the right path.

While creating your vision is great, I also value education and being open about the process. Whether its the design itself, or the tools used to get there, I will always share any and any information you wish to learn about. No trade secrets between us.

My Story:

It all started with an old version of Photoshop. That’s what got me into designing. Truth be told, I didn’t know what I wanted to do in high school. With senior year flying by it was time to apply to colleges because my mom told me “I was too smart not to go to 4 year college right away.”

Looking through schools without an inkling of what I should pursue my mom asked me a simple question:
“Why not Graphic Design?” – I had no idea this would be the turning point for finding my passion in life.

I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Communications Media – Dual Majoring in Graphic Design and Interactive Media.

From there I have worked in VFX doing Digital and Motion Graphic Design.
Worked in the Print Industry doing Print Design.
Now Freelancing focusing in Branding, Web Design, and all the above.

Freelancing has give me the freedom to explore all the incredible different aspects of the design world. Had I not taken the leap without the support of those around me, I may have not understood the joys of working for my business and the satisfaction of seeing others branding grow from the ground up. The seeds of design that I helped plant.

My Personality Profiles


Peacekeeper: Type 9
I tend to be accepting, optimistic, and adaptive. Generally likes peace and avoids conflict.


INFP: I tend to be reserved, idealistic, and adaptable. Prefers to listen to and contemplate while in discussions.


Supporter (S): Conscientious, considerate, and supportive in her behavior. Helps others feel welcome and comfortable by maintaining a peaceful, harmonious environment.


Concern for others well-being.
Creativity & having new ideas.
Privacy & having time alone.
Humility & modesty in accomplishments.
Achievement & challenging myself to work and improve.